Trouble Logging In?

Rules for Username & Password
  • Make sure you type your Username & Password exactly as you did when you registered. This login is case sensitive, which means upper case and lower-case letters are not the same things. Also check that you have not got the Caps Lock key pressed. The Username & Password should be spelled correctly.
  • The minimum & maximum length of the Password should be 8 & 20 respectively.
  • The password must be alpha/numeric.
  • User Name is not allowed in password.
  • New password cannot be same as earlier 3 passwords.
  • If user enters an invalid password 3 times in a row then his account will be locked.
Forgot Password

Incase you have forgotten your password, please click the “Forgot Password” link on the Login page & enter your own username, a new password will be mailed to you.

Cached pages

Sometimes your computer will cache a page of our website. When you next come to view that page, your computer may try to show the cached version of the page rather than the live one on our site. To remedy this you will need to delete the stored 'cookies' and 'temporary Internet files' from your PC and then set it to 'always check for newer versions of the page'.

Enable cookies

When you try to login to the website, a cookie will be written onto your PC. This is so the website can confirm you are a member and so allows you to view the member only pages. If your computer is set to not allow cookies, you will be unable to login. If you are still having trouble then restart your browser.


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